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Data Grid - Localization

The Data Grid allows to support users from different locales, with formatting, RTL, and localized strings.

The default locale of Material-UI is English (United States). If you want to use other locales, follow the instructions below.

Translation keys

You can use the localeText prop to pass in your own text and translations. You can find all the translation keys supported in the source in the GitHub repository. In the following example, the labels of the density selector are customized.

    toolbarDensity: 'Size',
    toolbarDensityLabel: 'Size',
    toolbarDensityCompact: 'Small',
    toolbarDensityStandard: 'Medium',
    toolbarDensityComfortable: 'Large',
    Toolbar: GridToolbar,

Locale text

The default locale of Material-UI is English (United States).

You can use the theme to configure the locale text:

import { createMuiTheme, ThemeProvider } from '@material-ui/core/styles';
import { DataGrid, bgBG } from '@material-ui/data-grid';

const theme = createMuiTheme(
    palette: {
      primary: { main: '#1976d2' },

<ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
  <DataGrid />

Note that createMuiTheme accepts any number of arguments. If you are already using the translations of the core components, you can add bgBG as a new argument. The same import works with XGrid as it's an extension of DataGrid.

Supported locales

Locale BCP 47 language tag Import name
Bulgarian bg-BG bgBG
English (United States) en-US enUS
French fr-FR frFR
German de-DE deDE
Dutch nl-NL nlNL
Greek el-GR elGR
Japanese ja-JP jaJP
Polish pl-PL plPL
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR ptBR
Spanish (Spain) es-ES esES

You can find the source in the GitHub repository.

To create your own translation or to customize the English text, copy this file to your project, make any changes needed and import the locale from there.

Please do consider contributing new translations back to Material-UI by opening a pull request. However, Material-UI aims to support the 100 most popular locales. We might not accept contributions for locales that are not frequently used, for instance, gl-ES that has "only" 2.5 million native speakers. See the Docs for more details.